If you're taking your first steps with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you might wonder about an NDIS service provider. Briefly, an NDIS service provider is an organisation that provides support services to people with disabilities who are eligible for assistance under the NDIS.

There is a wide range of services that NDIS service providers can offer, from assistance with everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning to more specialised services like physiotherapy and occupational therapy. NDIS service providers can operate locally, statewide or nationally.

Why Use an NDIS Service Provider?

If you or your loved one are a participant and need some extra assistance to do everyday tasks, an NDIS service provider can help. They assist with the tasks and guide you to achieve your goals. And therefore, helps with supporting you in leading an independent life. An NDIS service provider can work with you to create a plan and provide the services you need to achieve your objectives.

Is it Mandatory to Register to Become a Service Provider?

Most providers are not required to go through any form of registration with the NDIS. However, some choose to register with the NDIS and hence called registered service providers. Service providers offering high-risk level services that require dealing with significant funds must register with the NDIS. This includes NDIS providers who offer services like Plan Management and Specialist Disability Accommodation.

You might observe that some service providers identify as "NDIS registered", while others do not when looking for the best fit for you. It's common to misunderstand the distinction between NDIS-registered and unregistered providers. Let’s understand registered and unregistered service providers.

Registered NDIS Providers

It takes time, money and effort to become a registered provider. A registered provider is approved by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to deliver support to plan-managed participants. It enables one to interact with a broader base of NDIS participants. They include participants whose plans are managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Only registered providers can provide some services like Support Coordination and Plan Management.

Unregistered NDIS Providers

They can only engage with NDIS participants whose plans are not managed by the NDIA, i.e., they have an independent plan manager or are self-managed. One may decide not to register with the NDIS because it would take time and effort, or they may have decided to remain an unregistered provider because they await clearance to be one of the registered service providers.

Do Service Providers Need to Comply with Regulations?

Service providers must comply with a set of duties and commitments. It holds whether or not the provider is registered. However, registered providers have better safeguards, such as frequent audits.

All providers must follow the NDIS Code of Conduct religiously. These guidelines protect NDIS participants and ensure that they receive high-quality services. It addresses issues, such as protecting the participant’s privacy, taking action to stop and deal with any cases of abuse or neglect and making sure that providers deliver support services safely and expertly.

To ensure that employees who work with participants do not put them in danger, the NDIS Worker Screening Check was introduced in 2021. The screening procedure is easy to perform online and mandatory for all registered service providers and their employees. Additionally, registered service providers undergo an audit as part of the registration process to ensure they adhere to high standards for compliance, quality and safety imposed by the NDIS safeguard commission.

How to Find an NDIS Service Provider?

If you are uncertain where to start your search for an NDIS service provider, the “my place portal” on the NDIS website is the best place to begin. “My place” is a directory of registered NDIS providers that lets you search for providers in your area by name, location, or type of services they offer.

You can also ask friends or acquaintances or contact your local disability services organisation for recommendations. Approaching and communicating with different NDIS providers can be of great help as you can compare and finalise.

How to Choose the Most Suitable NDIS Service Provider?

NDIS support services are necessary for people with disabilities to lead comfortable lives. Choosing the ideal NDIS service provider for you and your loved ones is tricky because there are so many.

To create your first NDIS plan, you must locate the appropriate NDIS service providers. They comprehend your needs and can assist you in obtaining the funds you need.

These questions should help you pick your ideal NDIS service provider:

  • Does the provider provide the support you require?
  • What qualifications and skills do their employees possess?
  • Do the providers' prices seem reasonable?
  • Can the providers ensure the plan's flexibility?

As an NDIS participant or someone whose loved one is a participant, you should ask these and other questions before selecting a support service provider. The organisation takes steps to ensure that the service providers are offering the participants high-quality services.


Choosing an appropriate NDIS provider is a crucial decision. Although the procedure can be intimidating, it's critical to take time and pick the option that best meets your need. And if unsure about where to start your search, the best place to begin is Horizon Access Care. They are one of the registered NDIS service providers focusing on providing support and care suited to the individual needs of every recipient. Contact them today for more information.